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About Shari (rice)

A safe and body friendly delicious rice.

Kyotatsu uses rice without using any chemical fertilizers at all. We use Hanaechizen, which comes from an organic farmer company called MAISEN in the Fukui prefecture. Hanaechizen is grown with "Natural Microbe Farming,” and is dried by a "natural dry" method. We also use rice which comes from Niigata. Kyotatsu makes shari using these precious rice with the red vinegar, which is fermented sake lees.

Red vinegar, which had been originally used in Edo-style sushi vinegar rice during the Edo era, in recent years, has made a comeback and is served in many high-end sushi restaurants because of its unique aroma and taste. The color of Shari is a red-brown due to the red vinegar. The taste of Shari has a subtle different taste that varies from store to store because each branch makes it.

Additionally, we have a strong commitment to salt in Kyotatsu. We use a salt that is naturally dried by the scorching sun, where it was surrounded by a coral reef that is right on the equator, from the pure seawater of the Kiribati Republic Christmas Island coast. The enhancement of the red vinegar taste in the shari is because of this salt. We pull out the best flavor (umami) for tightening the fish with this salt, as well.