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Tradition and evolution of Edo

"This is the time to stick to the work of Edo-style."

The history of sushi started during the Edo era, which is more than 200 years ago. The style of sushi has changed by diversification and globalization. Edo-style sushi restruaunts require time to tighten their food by using vinegar, salt, and kelp. Due to the fact that it requires a lot of time to prepare the food, there is a decrease in resturaunts that serve Edo-style sushi. Recentlty, the tuna served at cheap and fun rotating sushi shops, that have more fat than usual because it comes from “farmed fish,” have become the standard for tuna.

At Kyotatsu, precisely because of this era, we dare to stick to the "natural raw tuna and natural frozen tuna,” and have kept the traditional Edo-style of work in order to create a delicious twist.

With well made nigiri, shari made by red vinegar, side dishes to taste with sake, the taste of the food that is like the luxury sushi shops, and the quality is the kind of sushi resturaunt we want to be, that continues to challenge ourselves to grow every day. For the many people who love sushi, they can feel free to visit us.