• About Kyotatsu
  • Coexistence with the Tsukiji Market
  • About Shari (rice)
  • Tradition and evolution of Edo

About Kyotatsu

To deliver authentic sushi to everyone.

At Kyotatsu, we do not have anything that is standardized, such as a manual. Each store is of individuality and craftsmanship, and the passion draws a distinction between us and what is called a “chain store.” With our taste and quality, we aim to impress you and have you thinking, “I can’t believe there is an authentic sushi restaurant here," in convenient locations such as station buildings and airports.

Kyotatsu has different menus and prices that vary in each store. We value the taste that emphasizes the strength of each dish. We also take the time to prepare our food with Edo-style traditional work, such as tighterning the food in vinegar, salt, or Kombu (sea tangle), with the season’s best ingredients, based on the customer’s tastes.